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Services for Colleagues Children's Centres


Children's Centres

Services available:

  • Consultation: Experience of developing and managing a Children’s Centre in the voluntary sector.
  • Development: Willingness to support the development of Children’s Services for pre-school children who are deaf, vulnerable or at risk for communication delay.

I have been an advocate of multidisciplinary working, in a shared location, for families with pre-school aged children for many years (See Publications) and I have managed a children’s centre for preschool deaf children and their families in Hertfordshire and worked in others.  I have seen and measured at first hand the benefits of such care in the progress made be severely and profoundly handicapped infants and their carers.  I also appreciate the benefits to be gained from an inclusive pre-school setting, with good or varied social and linguistic role models.

Many of the skills I have such as

  • fostering successful parent-infant interaction with disabled infants
  • re-establishing parent confidence and control when interaction is threatened
  • coaching and guiding families in how infants learn to communicate, listen and speak
  • developing techniques to enhance communication
  • helping parents to observe, target and evaluate their child’s progress
  • using everyday routines and play to meet individual communication targets

are easily adapted to young children with needs other than hearing impairment.

It is a real challenge to meet the very specific needs of families with recently identified disabled children within Children's Centres, and I am enthusiastic about helping to make it possible.