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Costs Services for Families


Costs: Services for Families

  • Initial Parent Consultation
  • Trial Session
  • Regular Sessions
  • Transition Sessions
  • Parent Consultations
  • SEN Consultations
  • Reports
  • Liaison with your Wider Professional Team
  • Links with Other Families


Initial Parent Consultation

The first meeting usually lasts about an hour and is free of charge.  It provides us with the opportunity to focus on your concerns and priorities for your child and it gives me the opportunity to tell you a little more about my working practices and how I, or other agencies, might be able to help you.

Free of Charge

Trial Session


The trial session gives you the opportunity to get an initial feel for how regular sessions may run with you and your child. This is likely to be the first occasion that I have met your child, so it is early days in our relationship together.  The session may be based on a brief video analysis of you and your child's interaction or simply on the information you have shared with me in our initial consultation.  Our aim will be to begin to identify your initial lines of questioning and the information and skills you and your child need to tackle those issues.



Blocks of Regular Sessions

A block of sessions, each lasting an hour, and spread across a school term/quarter.  These sessions may occur weekly, monthly or more likely, fortnightly, depending upon your needs and those of your child. 

Organising our sessions together in blocks/terms enables us to be clear about the goals we agree we are aiming to reach within that time frame and about how we can evaluate our success and your child's progress.  As such each block booking will include an "Individual (Education) Plan" where we identify our specific aims; target progress in a range of areas; explore techniques or information that will help us reach those targets and ultimately evaluate our progress together. 

Within these blocks of sessions I am constantly monitoring and noting your child's skill acquisition over a number of areas of development, sharing my observations with you and building on your own observations.  This provides us with a rich source of information to help you get the best from your wider team of audiologists, paediatricians, teachers of the deaf and speech and language therapists.  It also helps build towards assessments of special educational need and in securing the best technical, legal and financial services for your child.


A complimentary "Annual" Report will be included in every three consecutive (termly) blocks of sessions.


Transition Sessions

There will come a point when weekly or fortnightly sessions can be replaced with less frequent visits.  For example, when your child is ready to increase their mainstream nursery sessions or start school.  The transition to this next stage in the journey should be as smooth as possible for you and for your child.  Transition sessions help to make this move from the familiar to the new, a natural and exciting part of your child's progress.  We can use these sessions to make sure that your new team understand the approach that has got you to this point and to be confident that they may expect and continue to foster age appropriate language and social inclusion. 

Members of your new team may join your sessions with me or it may be helpful for me to link with for example, your new preschool, for a session of in-service training.

As required


Parent Consultations

Parent Consultations are times for you and I to talk frankly without your child present.  This gives us the opportunity to take stock, review what has been achieved over the last few months and to plan for the longer term.

Parent Consultations are particularly beneficial at a number of key times:

  • At the onset of the programme
  • On approximately a six monthly basis thereafter
  • When a change in hearing aids or use of cochlear implant is proposed
  • During an Assessment for Statement of Special Educational Needs and possibly at other times during that process.



SEN Consultations

Assessing and providing for the needs of very young children, early hearing aid or cochlear implant users, is a moveable feast.  Children often progress at a faster rate than the SEN process.  Your ideas change too as you explore more avenues and monitor the progress your child is making.  SEN Consultations are available to help you:

  • Understand the process of monitoring, assessing and providing for your child's SEN
  • Contribute to that process by focusing your verbal questioning, your written contributions to reviews and assessments.
  • Follow and work through any disagreements or misunderstandings
  • Provide up to date evidence of your child's progress




A free detailed report is included in every three blocks of regular sessions.  These can also be quickly updated for referral for implant or other needs if you attend regularly with your child.

If however, you require a report on your child's development that requires further time, enquiry, visits or shaping into different educational or legal format then it is necessary to cover that time with an additional charge.

£ Variable


Liaison with your professional team

It is crucial for us to work closely and co-operatively with your child's local health and education team.  I offer an additional, independent service to you and your child.  The objective evidence that we accumulate over the course of our sessions can be most beneficial to your wider team and the decisions you all have to take to ensure the best possible opportunities for your child. 

Free where possible.  In-Service Training can also be arranged.

Links with other families

It can be so important to meet and talk with other families in a similar or related position to yourselves - especially when their children are of a similar age as your own, or when they are just a little bit further along their journey.  I do think it very important to help you build your network with other families and with your approval, will link families where-ever it is appropriate.

Free and Confidential