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Services for Colleagues Local Education Authorities


Local Education Authorities

Services available to Local Education Authorities include:


  • Pre-school teacher of the deaf / cochlear (and brainstem) implants
  • Auditory-verbal practitioner 
  • Independent individual assessments and reports 
  • Service development within pre-school deaf education 
  • Service provision in Children's Centres 


Pre-school Teacher of the Deaf

I am a highly qualified and experienced preschool teacher of the deaf with a passion for improving the quality of service provision offered to individual families and through mainstream services locally. Whether you need locum or supply cover, in the field, centre based, or in my own purpose designed playrooms I will aim to meet your needs.  See my approach for details of my practice.


Auditory-Verbal Practice

Auditory-Verbal practice is now widely used across Australia, Canada and the USA.  The AG Bell Academy for Listening and Spoken Language has recently published a Bulletin of Information on Certification in Auditory-Verbal Therapy/Education.  This approach is specifically advocated for the increasing numbers of very young deaf infants, identified following recent developments in newborn hearing screening, and for paediatric cochlear implantees. 

Learn more about Auditory-Verbal Therapy from the AG Bell Academy for Listening and Spoken Language.


Independent Individual Assessments and Reports

I have experience of working with many London Boroughs and County LEAs in the preparation of Individual Education Plans,Annual Reviews, Statutory Assessments, Statements of Special Educational Needs, SEN Appeals and Tribunals.  I have represented parents and LEAs at SEN tribunals.

More significantly, I have experience of detailed monitoring and evaluation procedures to support the process of assessment for Special Educational Needs so that lengthy derisive appeals and tribunals may be avoided.  I am an independent practitioner and an objective researcher, and I am here to help mediate or provide written evidence to support the process of assessment of SEN for LEAs and for families. 


Service Development within Pre-school Deaf Education

I have a very detailed picture of how services for preschool deaf children are developing nationally and internationally across health, education, and social services and in the voluntary sector (see Reports and Publications).  Having managed a family centre for preschool deaf children, I am also very interested in ensuring that services continue to develop and improve - it is so easy, so expensive and so time consuming to reinvent wheels!  If you think I can help, please use me.

I have prepared and delivered parent-infant, toddler and early years programmes for preschool deaf children and their families and conform to best practice documented in Birth to Three and The Foundation Stage.  I was one of the core team of consultants to the DfE Early Support Programme and have researched and evaluated many superb tools to support our work used by international colleagues (see Reports and Publications).  I would be delighted to share my knowledge and expertise with colleagues locally.

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