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About Helen Robinshaw
Teacher of the Deaf
Researcher in Preschool Deaf Education
Communication & language development in deaf infants
Paediatric cochlear implants
Professional development in preschool deaf education
Service provision for families with deaf infants
Practitioner in Preschool Deaf Education
Health Sector
Education & Voluntary Sector
Children’s Centres
Consultant in Preschool Deaf Education
National Government DfES
National Charities
Local Education Authorities
Children Centres
Reports and Publications
Benefits of early identification for speech and language
Benefits of early cochlear implantation
Parent sensitivity to the communication needs of their deaf infant
Service provision across Health and Education
Professional guidance in working with families with deaf infants
Professional Accountability
Membership and regulation of professional bodies
Criminal Records Bureau
Personal references

The Approach
In Brief
Parent Focus
Early Intervention
Early identification of hearing impairment
Early habilitation & Auditory Neural Development
The best technology - working well
Evidence based practice
The most typical starting point
Beginning with auditory verbal techniques
Auditory-oral and auditory verbal techniques
Gestures and sign language
Comparing modes of communication
A diagnostic process
Working it out together
Parent centred
Your baby first
Confidence and self-esteem
Learning to listen
Hearing age
Age appropriate language
Vocalizations and speech
Nursery and school placement
Auditory Verbal Practice & Regulation

Services For Families
Initial Contact
Initial Parent Consultation
Trial Session
Regular Sessions
Transition Sessions
Parent Consultations
SEN Consultations and Reports
Liaison with your wider team
Links with other families

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Local Education Authorities
Preschool teacher of the deaf
Auditory Verbal Practitioner
Independent individual assessments and reports
Service development within Preschool Deaf Education
Children Centres
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University Departments

Services for Colleagues

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