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University Departments

Services available within the field of preschool deaf education include:

  • Research consultancy
  • PhD and Masters Supervision
  • Lecturing in Special Educational Needs (Hearing Impairment)

I have worked as a researcher and lecturer in the field of Special Educational Needs and in particular Hearing Impairment, at the Universities of Cambridge, London, Brunel and Manchester.

As a researcher I have written and secured funding for small and large scale research projects in:

  • Communication & language development in deaf infants
  • Paediatric cochlear implants
  • Professional development in pre-school deaf education
  • Service provision for families with deaf infants 

My work, and that of my colleagues, has been published in peer reviewed academic journals, annual reports and website contributions.

  • Benefits of early identification for speech and language
  • Benefits of early cochlear implantation
  • Parent sensitivity to the communication needs of their deaf infant
  • Service provision across Health and Education
  • Professional guidance in working with families with deaf infants

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